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II Chronicles, The Life of the Believer

By Pastor James Black | August 11, 2015

An overview of the believer’s life in Christ –
2 Chronicles 14:1

The King
Vs 1
Abijah (a prolonged version of = ‘ab/ father and Yahh / LORD) Father Jehovah. A picture of Jesus, the incarnate God who died, was buried in Jerusalem, and then rose again and now abides with the Father in heaven.
Asa (a King and Levite in scripture; no definition given). The son who commits himself to the will of God becomes a king and priest in Christ Jesus., Rev 1:5-6

The Kingdom
Here he finds –
Pardon, v1/ freedom from the law and the guilt of sin, (10 years / 10 the number of law); Romans 8:2
Purity, v2-5 He will turn from the old life and become a new creature in Christ. II Cor 5:17.
Peace, v6- 7, As the kingdom (life) of the believer conforms to the image of Christ he finds that
peace becomes the constant companion, Is 26:3; Proverbs 16:7.
Prosperity, v7; Honor the Lord, Pro 3:5-10
Preparation, v7-8 Knowing that the enemy will not stay away it is time to build defenses;
I Cor 10: 12-13; Eph 6:10-11.

The Conflict
Vs 9-10
And the enemy appears-
Zerah – (a rising of light, specific to a symptom of leprosy), Lev 13:2; II Cor 11:14-15
Ethiopian- (from Cush, the son of Ham; the world)
Mareshah- (a summit, headship, dominion)
Zephathah- (to peer into the distance, await)

Satan, the false light of the world; the evidence of sin (leprosy) is now challenging the believer for dominion in his kingdom (life). The battles will be fought in the valleys of life. It is here that faith must stand or fall, Heb 12:2.

Vs 11
When a Christian faces the Devil his prayer should be without doubt, without delay, and without defeat, Ephesians 6:12-13. We must remember that the battle belongs to the Lord, I Sam 17:47; but we are to fight the good fight of faith, I Tim 6:12.

Gerar – (to continually destroy)
Jerusalem – (peaceful)
As the Lord rebukes Satan on our behalf we must fight daily against the world, flesh and devil. We are
told to resist the devil by faith and that he would flee, James 4:7; I Peter 5:89. Even as Paul in II Timothy 4:7-8 fought and received a crown so we too will gain the spoils of our conflict; Matthew 6:20 and enter
the city of peace, the New Jerusalem.

*Names listed with definitions from Strong’s in parenthesis.

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