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The Father’s House

By Pastor James Black | July 21, 2015

In Revelation 21 and 22 John gives us a broad picture of what to expect in the Father’s house. I would like to share a few thoughts about the beauty and the part that we have in our heavenly home.

The first thing John noticed about the New Jerusalem was the glory of God, Rev 21:11. The glory shares with us the wonder of our God. His glory is beyond description and beyond understanding. But when you see it you know it.

Next John shows us the great wall with twelve gates and twelve foundations, Rev 21:12-14. In the gates you find the names of the tribes of Israel, and in the foundations you find the names of the apostles. This reminds us that the work that God has given you to do will never be forgotten as stated in Hebrews 6:10. He provides the ability and then gives us the reward.

In verses 19-20 you see the foundations of the walls were garnished with all manner of precious stones. This provides the rainbow around the throne in Revelation 4, and reminds of the rainbow shown to Noah in Genesis 9. This speaks of the words of promise given to us by our heavenly Father.

Then in verse 21 we see the gates of pearl, each gate was one pearl. This shows the welcome that we receive when we get home. Jesus said the way is straight and narrow but the gate is an abundant entrance, II Peter 1:10-11. By the way Ezekiel 48: 30-35 tells us each gate is 4,500 measures wide, which equals 1.5 miles. Now that is an entrance!

Last of all John tells us in Revelation 22: 1-5 of the wisdom of God in the fullness of the garden and the light of our heavenly home. The river, tree and light provide all the needs of the nations as we worship our eternal Lord and God.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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