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The Giver of Gifts

By Pastor James Black | September 24, 2008

I Corinthians 12:1-7

In these verses we find that it is the Godhead that decides and describes the gifts neccesary for each believer.

I- The Purpose of Gifts, v6

      “operations – God”

     As God works all things to His will and purpose He directs us in the operations of His will. This direction is by the gifts provided  to us for the task at hand.

     1- The Potter, Rom 9:20-21

     2- The Purpose, Rom 9:22-23

II- The Plan of Gifts, v5

     “administrations – Lord”

     Jesus Christ as the head of the church determines the calling and distribution of the gifts for the work of the ministry.

     1- The Body, – Eph 1:17-23; (v22-23)

                             – I Cor 12:27

     2- The Building, – Matt 16:18

                                  – Eph 2:20-22

III- The Power of Gifts, v4

     “diversity of gifts – Spirit”

The Holy Spirit of God is the implanter and empowerer of the gifts to each believer to accomplish the work of the ministry.

     1- The Empowerment, Acts 1:8

     2- The Evidence, I Cor 12:7-11;  Notice that the “manifestation” of the Spirit is given to each believer as his spiritual gift to show forth the witness and power of God working in our lives and our ministry.

The Trinity working together as one calls, saves, secures, seals, strenghtens, and supplies us to walk in the will and work of our Saviour. By the gifts given, we are to hold forth the Word of Life to those in need.  Remember that “spiritual gifts without the Spirit are hypocrisy”.

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