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The Diligence of Ruling

By Pastor James Black | September 10, 2008

In Jude 1: 3 Jude speaks of the diligence necessary for the truth of the gospel to continue.  In our present fast paced society we rarely find people giving diligence to the task at hand. Instead we are doing just enough to get by – sad to say, but Christianity has fallen to same level.

We need to be diligent in our-

I- Objective

     1- Search,  Heb 11:6;  how determined are we in our relationship with the Lord?

     2- Success, Phil 3:8; what do we find to be the most important in our lives?

II- Overcoming

     1- Past, Phil 3:13-14;  we will never accomplish anything for the Lord as long as our focus is backwards.

     2- Pitfalls, Heb 12:1;  to often we use the old standby “that is just the way I am”,  isn’t it time to change some of the things in our lives. God chose to make us NEW CREATURES!

III- Obedience

     1- Longings, II Pet 3:14; if we are looking for Christ to return wouldn’t it make sense to get our lives in order.

     2- Labor, I Cor 15:58;  where are you on your “to do list” from God for your life?

IV- Observations

     1- Reflections, Ps 77:6;  When was the last time you stopped and reflected (studied) on your life and relationship with the Lord?

     2- Reprobates, II Cor 13:5; according to the word of God which column does your life fall into – reprobate or redeemed? Remember it’s not about hearing but about doing!!

V- Obligations

     1- Surety, II Pet 1:10; are you doing the job that you have been gifted for, and called to do?

     2- Service, II Tim 4:5; is your diligence adequate proof of your ministry?

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