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The Gift to Rule

By Pastor James Black | August 27, 2008

Romans 12: 8,14

The gift of ruling in Romans 12 is the same gift as administrations in I Cor. 12. It is the gift to direct and govern in the affairs of the work of God.

I- Your Crown

     1- Portion, I Tim 3:4-5;  ruling ranges from the home through the church; everyone has a portion.

     2- Purpose, I Pet 5:2-3; what is your purpose in what you  do?

     3- Position, Acts 20:28; if you are ruling in a spiritual gift you are placed by the Holy Spirit.

II- Your Cost

     1- Chief, Matt 20:25-28; the cost of ruling is the cost of serving.

     2- Conversation, Heb 13:7;  the efforts of your life.

     3- Count, Heb 13:17; who has the Lord placed you over in your service for Him? You are responsible to Him for them.

     4- Condemnation, James 3:1;  the more rule you have the more you are responsible for.

     5- Commitment, I Cor 9:17; again you are responsible for the gospel God has placed under your rule.

III- Your Christ

     1- His Likeness, Phil 2:6-9;  even though Jesus was God and ruler He knew His task was to serve the Father.

     2- His Labor, John 13:3-5,12-16; even though Jesus was Lord He became the example of the servant.

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