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The Gift of Giving

By Pastor James Black | August 20, 2008

Rom 12: 8,13

I- The Directive,

     1- The Example, Rom 8:32 When God gave His Son everything else became secondary. When we give our soul to Christ everything else we have should also become secondary.

     2- The Expense, Matt 10:8  “freely”

     3- The Exhortation, Eph 4:28 No longer a thief, but a provider of good.

II- The Discipline,

     1- The Strength;

          1- purpose, II Cor 9:7  The gift of giving is not only financial, but also efforts of service and help.

          2- presentation, II Cor 8:5; I Cor 13:3  The act of giving alone is not sufficient. It also takes the heart and the Spirit to make giving effective.

     2- The Spirit;

          1- public, Matt 6:1-4  As with the gift of ministry, eye-service is not acceptable.

          2- pouting, II Cor 8:5  A grumbling spirit is a grieving spirit to the Lord.

          3- passionate, I Jn 3:17; Deut 15:8-11  The Lord’s compassion is reflected by our compassion through the touch of the Holy Spirit.

     3- The Selection;

          1- the holy, Matt 7:6  We are not to “throw out” to the world just because.

          2- the hopeless, II Thess 3:10  We are commanded to be faithful in all things.  If a man refuses to aid he is not justified in seeking aid.

III- The Delight,

     1- The Return, Ecc 11:1-2, 6  

     2- The Reward, Lk 6:38

     3- The Rejoicing, II Cor 9:12

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