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The Gift of Exhortation

By Pastor James Black | August 13, 2008

Romans 12: 8,12

We know what the reading and doctrine are but what is the exhortation? The best definition I can give you is this-
To give reason and purpose to continue, based on the authority and faithfulness of God’s Word.  To exhort someone is to give them reason and purpose to continue serving the Lord until He calls us home.   The greek word for exhort is parakaleo, it is a base word related to the word parakletos, the word “Comforter” that Jesus used for the Holy Spirit in John 14.  Here you have the foundation of the gift of exhortation.

Each gift has a weak spot in the nature of man – ” A spiritual gift without the Spirit is hypocrisy”.  In verse 12 we find a connecting verse to remind us of these weaknesses, and the avenues of opportunity.

I- Rejoicing in Hope

     1- Salvation, Acts 2:40-41

     2- Faith, Jude 3

     3- Life, I Thess 4:18 “comfort”

II- Patient in Tribulation,  II Cor 1:3-7

     1- Source of Comfort, v3

     2- Seasons of Comfort, v4;  notice that what we recieve from the Lord is what we have to share.

     3- Strength of Comfort, v5-7;  With the trial comes the consolation (paraklesis / exhortation)

For an interesting reading:  insert the word exhort / exhortation for the word comfort /consolation.

III- Instant in Prayer

     1- Attitude, I Thess 5:14

     2- Attack, Heb 3:13

     3- Absence, Heb 10:25

     4- Agnostic, Titus 1:9

     5- Abstinence, I Pet 2:11 “beseech”

Remember in all of these circumstances the objective of the exhorter is to give a reason and purpose to the individual to continue serving the Lord.

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