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The Gift of Teaching

By Pastor James Black | August 6, 2008

Rom 12:7, 11

I- The Theme of the Lesson

     1- The Command,  Matt 28:19  The command to teach is the command to make disciples. This involves teaching from the pulpit to the pew.

     2- The Comforter, John 14:26; I Cor 2:9-13  We must first learn from the Holy Spirit before we can teach others. Teaching is not done in our own power or wisdom.

     3- The Call, Eph 4:11-14  The gift of teaching is given to establish the church by the mouth of two or three witness (Deut 19:15)

II- The Heart of the Lesson

     1- A Hungry Heart, Heb 5:12; I Cor 3:1-3,   One who  has the gift of teaching should have a hungry heart for the Lord and His Word.  Without hunger there is no growth or vision! 

     2- A Heavenly Heart, Matt 15:1-6,  Teaching is not based on tradition or opinions, it is based solely on the Word of God. We must be in fellowship with the Spirit so that we can understand the Word of God.

     3- A Holy Heart, Rom 2:17-24,29; Matt 5:19  Teaching is not only the giving of knowledge, it is the living out  the knowledge that we are teaching.  Jesus said the teacher who did not live and teach the truth would be the least in the kingdom!

III- The Summary of the Lesson

     Ezra 7:10  Prepare your heart before God-

     1- To Learn,  “seek”  We must first seek fellowship with Christ because we cannot  teach what we do not know.

     2- To Live,  “do”  We must walk in fellowship with Christ because we cannot teach what we have not experienced

     3- To Leave,  “teach”  We must vision with Christ because we cannot teach what we do not hope.

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