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The Gift of Prophecy Rom 12:6,9

By Pastor James Black | July 23, 2008

The gift of prophecy is the gift to discern and proclaim the Word of God. 

I- The Call

     1- created, Jer 1:4-9;   When God forms an individual in the womb He has the power to implant in them the characteristics needed to accomplish His will in their life.

     2- called, Hebrews 5:1-4; Even though we may have the characteristics, the Spirit of God must call and enable us to do these things.

II- The Comprehension

     1- wisdom, I Cor 2:12-14;   We must have the Holy Spirit to open to us the Scriptures because we cannot understand them without Him.

     2- walk, II Peter 3:18;   Since we do not obtain all the wisdom at one time we must continue to walk in fellowship with the Spirit so that we may continue to learn.

III- The Caution

     1- pride, Rom 12:3;  Remember it is the Spirit that empowers us, not our abilities!

     2- power, I Peter 5:1-3;  We are sent to minister and lead, not to drive and control.

     3- prejudice, James 2:1-4;   Jesus said to go unto all the world, not those whom we find worthy.  Some of the greatest christians would have been passed over by man, but not by God.

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