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The Focus of Spiritual Gifts, I Cor 12

By Pastor James Black | July 16, 2008

Paul writes in this portion of scripture about the diversity of gifts but places the emphasis on the purpose of the gifts.

I- The Evidence of the Spirit, v1-3

     1- Idolatry, v2

     2- Illumination, v3

     To find out if someone is truly spirit led find out what they believe about Jesus – ( find the 7 requirements of faith in Christ in I John)

II- The Equipping of the Spirit, v4-11

     1- the gifts,  “diverse”

     2- the God,   “same”

     3- the goal,  v7

III- The Edification of the Spirit, v12-31

     1- One Spirit, v12-13

     2- One Body, v14-21

     3- One Care, v22-26

     4- One Motive, v27-13:13

We are one body in Christ created, saved, and gifted to love, care and guide one another.  Spiritual gifts are not given for personal use or gain, but to enable and empower the body of Christ in this world.

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