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The Formula of Spiritual Gifts,

By Pastor James Black | July 9, 2008

In Ephesians 4:1-8 Paul lays down some principles for recieving our gifts from Christ-

I- Our Guard, v1-3

     1- our calling, v1

          1- walk worthy – His Spirit cannot annoint someone who is not walking worthy of His Spirit.

          2- vocation / invitation- how do you respond to the invitation given to you from the Lord of Glory?

          3- calling,  Do you know what your gift or position is in the body of Christ?

II- Our God, v4-6

     1- The Spirit, v4

     2- The Savior, v5

     3- The Soverign, v6

          The very foundation of spiritual gifts is the Triune God Himself, saving, securing, and sealing us unto Himself and to His work!

III- Our Gifts, v7-8

     In the greek there are three words we use as our word gift-

     1- Dorea – a free gift with the emphasis on it’s gracious character, v7  (a gift from Christ)

     2- Doma- a greater stress to the character of the gift rather than the benefits, v8 ( a gift of ministry / pastor, teacher, helper, etc. )

     3- Charisma- a gift involving grace on the part of God as the giver,  I Cor 12:4 ( the dividing according to the will and grace of God for each believer )

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