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NEW STUDY : Spiritual Gifts

By Pastor James Black | July 2, 2008

The Foundation to Spiritual Gifts

Romans 12:1-8

In the introduction to Romans 12 Paul reminds us that these gifts are not by or of our own ability.  Everything we do as Christians must be empowered by the Holy Spirit to be truly effective.

I- Presentation, v1

     1- ability, Jer 1:4-5, God formed us with a plan in mind, so He gave you certain talents and abilities to be used for His glory.

     2- anointing, Lk 24:49,  remember that your gifts are nothing without His power

II- Transformation, v2

     1- the heart, I Jn 2:15; a true love guided by the love of the Lord is the first step.

     2- the hope, Eph 1:18;  you must have an established hope to stay the heart and mind.

III- Humiliation, v3

     1- love of God, Rom 5:5; this must be your complete purpose or you destroy God’s power in your efforts.

     2- love of others, I Cor 13:1-3; if we do not have the right attitude ALL of our labors are vain.

IV- Association, v4-5

     1- union, I Pet 3:8; we are one body in Christ, and called to one purpose.

     2- unity, I Cor 12:21;  the gifts are given for the edification of the church – there are no disposable members!  Without the help of the Holy Spirit we will fail in our relation and service to one another.

V- Authorization, v6-8

     1- a gift from God

     2- by grace from God

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