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The Fire of Witness

By Pastor James Black | May 19, 2020

The Fire of Witness reveals to us the character of God in His dealings with His people. He appears first in a bush, then a pillar and then a mountain. Afterward we see Him in His Throne and finally his Triumph. This shows the mercy and majesty of God to approach us lowly as a bush but to ultimately continue until his glory fills the heavens.

Found in the –

I- Bush, Exodus 3:1-5

            1-Humanity, bush

            2- Deity, fire

            3- Eternity, not consumed

II- The Pillar, Exodus 13:21-22

            1- Presence

            2- Provision

            3- Protection, Ex. 14:19-20

III- The Mount, Exodus 24:16-17

            1- Majesty, Ex. 19:18

            2- Mystery

            3- Authority, Deut 4:36

IV- The Throne, Daniel 7:9-10

            1- Wonder, v9

            2- Worship, v10a

            3- Work, v10b-11

V- The Triumph, Revelation 19:11-13

            1- Righteousness, v11

            2- Royalty, v12; many crowns

            3- Recognition, v13; The Word

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