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A Snow Day Sermon

By Pastor James Black | January 8, 2017

In the Scriptures snow several things, but I only want to consider three.

The first is the restraint of God. In Job 37:6-8 God speaks of sending snow to the earth. The result is that the greatest of man and beast are brought to a standstill by His command.

The second is the redemption of God in Isaiah 1:18. The scarlet pictures the blood of Jesus on Calvary for the debt of our sins while the snow pictures the righteousness of God granted to us by his grace.

And the last is the reign of God displayed from Daniel 7:9-10. Declared the Ancient of Days, God is the Everlasting Father and Jesus is the Everlasting Lord. Their glory portrayed by the garments of snow, the eternal life by the hair as wool. Jesus is shown in Revelation 1:14 with hair as white as snow, showing his eternal reign.

So as you admire the snowy landscape remember the God who loved you throughout eternity.

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